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Monger’s Diary

After covering major global hubs of sex tourism I feel now mature enough to rate the places I was lucky to visit. Fucking away tens of thousands of dollars and probably forfeiting a downpayment on another condo, my personal experiences could serve for other mongers as a guiding star when choosing their destinations. The methodology is pretty simple, I gave equal weights to four major factors affecting monger’s experience: first - variety, diversity and quality of physical appearances of SPs in respective destination, second- goodness of service (passion, willingness to perform and satisfy the client, ability to perform extras such as sailing to Greek islands, orgies, role games and so on), third - aesthetics (personal hygiene, venue’s interior design and cleanliness, overall convenience and safety of the interaction) and finally fourth - the price. I would not rate Toronto, or Canada as well as States as it doesn’t fit into international character of my endeavours and the scene here and in States is well documented by others anyway. I spent plenty of times in Toronto’s different facilities and was generally satisfied with catered menu. The rating is in descending order, meaning that the higher the number the worse my experience was.

1. Germany, FKK clubs - after visiting dozens of different clubs across all Germany these clubs taking the first place due to incredible selection of young beautiful mostly European SPs ready to please the client in very convenient, friendly, decadent venues and at reasonable price. SPs are monitored for STDs and for the most part (there are always could be little exclusion) are ready to please you and your most bizarre fantasies in group settings (cinema) or in the room. I have experienced there my best sexual experiences, crescendos and fulfilling moments. Similar clubs located in Austria and Switzerland as well which could be a bit more expensive than in Germany but provide similar outcomes.

2. Thermas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - similar to FKK clubs in Germany those establishments offer similar experience for slightly cheaper price. Excellent service and abundant selection of young exotic, creoles, Métis, Mulatto, as well as European (Portuguese heritage) beauties. What puts Rio to second place are the facilities - more tired, smaller and lack of cinemas (no opportunity to engage in open sex). What stroke me there is the dedication of SPs - they are so eager to please. There are plenty of other business models in Rio such as strip bars, parlours and street hookers, while I did not test those, it still can provide decent outcome based on my own intuition and evaluation, but can’t compare to thermas due to the advantage of sauna safe haven in combo with young beautiful chicks eager to please.

3. Prague, Czech Republic - well designed, clean strip clubs with rooms for action. No sauna. Eastern European beauties for fair price, service YMMV, but overall satisfactory and with viable options for great sex and play.

4.Red Light District, Amsterdam - street scene for quick and not so quick sex, facilities are generally clean, service satisfactory but not as passionate as in FKK or in Rio, or Prague due to set up limitations, where you don’t have much time to evaluate SPs. SPs are mostly European with various degree of motivation to work and quality of that work. Most of them are in deed beauties.

5. Campo Alegre, Curaçao- being a Dutch colony, Campo Alegre is essentially Red Light District of the island. Facilities are worn, young and not so young girls from Columbia and Dominican Republic delivering the quality ( as usual YMMV) for the most part, but serious data mining required. Personal hygiene and facilities could be better. Price is not an issue there given the region.

6.Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya)- Mecca of Asian sex tourism. Huge variety of clubs, street hookers, with excellent selection of young Asian meat. As a matter of fact all interactions there in hotel room are in perfectly safe environment ( SPs leave their ID at reception). Some clubs offer in-house service as well, also very safe. Generally good experience, with Asian obedience to please their master. Hygiene at decent levels at least for those girls I had a pleasure to meet. Overall good experience.

7. Philippines (Angeles City, Manila, Cebu) - same scenario and scenery as in Thailand only cheaper and way dirtier: country in general, girls and clubs are filthier than in Thailand . The selection, service, safety is somewhat comparable to Thailand, but not as good as in Thailand. Close call between the two countries, while Thailand wins by low margin.

8. Dubai, UAE - clubs are filled with prostitutes from all over the world. Expensive. Service YMMV, different levels of quality of work and appearance. Mostly hookers from former Soviet Union, good looking but rarely willing to fit the bill presented in terms of service, hygiene or ability to please. Hotel room is your venue, generally safe but vigilance required as you are in Muslim county, so respect that.

9. Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa) - at pre-war Ukraine you could find saunas, parlours, whore houses and many indies catering decent service. Beauties from Eastern bloc generally eager to please the client. Facilities are horrible though, personal hygiene pending improvement, price is cheap so I would definitely give attention to that destination after war ends and many girls would be back into market.

10. Moscow, Russia - at pre-war Russia you can find all types of different setups (saunas, parlours, street indies , incall hookers, strip clubs) where Slavic beauties waiting to empty your scrotum and pocket for variety of prices and delivering all kinds of services at various degree of service quality. As usual in Eastern Europe - logistics is an issue, old and somewhat neglected facilities, rude attitude might be sporadically observed, safety might be a concern, difficult commute and difficulty locating the venue, all in all - ubiquitous Russian unbearable heaviness of existence lands on your shoulders if you decided to monger in Moscow. More expensive than Ukraine, but still affordable for Western pocket. Having the luxury of speaking the language, and lucid mind definitely helps to navigate you safely to Russian juicy pussy.

11. Cabaret, Dominican Republic - Hugh Hefner Playboy magnificent villa! Incredible experience with plenty of hungry to please stunning young and clean Latino gals! Funny peers(colleague mongers) add extra fun to the unique experience. Why so low in rating ? Expensive as hell, 1000 USD/ day and this in 2012. There are plenty of those setups in DR, I was in one called Oxygen Retreat, look for others on the web. I would not entertain myself with other types of experiences in DR due to safety.

12. Cartagena, Columbia - street prostitution at its best, huge selection of cheap young and beautiful Colombian girls. Safety is concern, due to the fact you are taking gals to your hotel and they can sometimes be sketchy with your belongings and drugs. Strip clubs are ubiquitous but at dubious level of comfort to get laid there offer similar selection of Columbian beauties to dine-in or take away. Due to safety rated at 12th place, but if safety taken away as a factor it would propel Columbia’s Cartagena or Medellin for that sake to top 5 as variety of beautiful gals with excellent service capabilities is mind boggling. Price is not an issue in Columbia.

13. Israel (Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Beer-Sheba) - parlours are generally incredibly filthy, with very characteristic middle-eastern touch of mold and generally neglected real estate, girls mostly of Russian or former Soviet Union heritage are incredibly transactional. Jewish state could do better for its citizens and guests and learn from its former oppressor, Germany, how to handle this important department of human activities. Religious lobby and Muslim community blocks any progress on this front, obviously.

14. Budva, Montenegro - strip club with limited selection of not so beautiful gals. Facilities are safe, but tired. Not a destination for sex tourism, rather for nature enthusiasts.

15. San-Jose, Costa Rica - while remotely located from Budva, very close to the deion of sex tourism scenery. Weary clubs with quite ugly old gals, safe but not so comfy. The only discount I can make for San Jose that I visited this location at peak of COVID pandemonium so the clubs and cafes were most likely not as full as it would be in normal times. So can’t rate with full confidence, but facilities were not impressive neither SPs, price was OK.

16.Cuba - wild West at its best. Beautiful, cheap, young and ready for all Latinas. If you don’t take them to your hotel expect the conditions to be similar to pig farm. Personal hygiene very low as they lack basic items to maintain it. Rated low due to personal hygiene and poverty of the facilities. Otherwise good and fairly safe destination.

17. Siam Reap, Cambodia - many parlours, generally safe, was not able to find even single gal out of hundreds of mined and viewed. Not even one doable SP. So close to Thailand and to so many beauties there, but for some reason girls are so ugly in Cambodia.Bottom line: there is nobody to fuck in Cambodia.

18. Istanbul, Turkey - many expensive indies in clubs. Not sure about their qualifications and quality as I did not test them. Again many of the SPs from former Soviet Union, hence knowing Russian would definitely help to squeeze the best from SPs. Generally not a good destination for sex tourists, despite the fact that the city itself is marvellous and definitely worth a visit.

19.Varna, Bulgaria - many indies on the web, ready to come to your hotel or incalls. A lot of scams, photoshop all over the place. Gipsy SPs dominate the scene. Not recommended for sex mongers.

20. Constanta, Romania - expensive strip club SPs of dubious quality and service capabilities. All decent Romanian gals are gone with the wind to work in Germany at FKK clubs and priced there more adequately for their rigorous and loyal service.

SP - Service Provider
YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary - services rendered based and dependent on your attitude, appearance and hygiene
FKK - Frei Korpse Kultur - Free Body Culture - network of brothels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Sailing to Greek Islands - anal sex

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